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How to Make a Feral Cat Shelter

1) Materials required:

a) A large, dark- or neutral-colored, plastic storage container.
b) One tall roll of silver milar house insulation—named Reflectix Insulation—looks like quilted tin foil and can be bought at Lowes or call Reflectix Inc. at 800-879-3645 to find a distributor.
c) A roll of silver Venture Tape UL181A-P/UL181B-FX.
d) Heavy floor tiles that fit on the bottom of the container.

2) With a sharp knife or razor, cut a 5.5-inch by 5.5-inch opening in one end of the container to serve as a door for the cat. There may be a natural indentation that looks like a perfect door—cut that out.

3) Line the bottom of the container with the floor tiles. Secure the tiles with silver Venture Tape. The tiles will help keep the container from moving in the wind.

4) Cut Reflectix Insulation and line the inside of the container—sides, top and bottom. Tape very securely with silver Venture Tape. Tape off all the seams.

5) Place the top on the container. Drill holes and use wire or electrical ties to secure the top.

6) Fill the shelter with straw for bedding. Leave enough room for cats to enter. 

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